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Getting ready for a Christmas Barbie

It appears that this Christmas has seen a revival in ‘Ugly Sweaters‘ or ‘Ugly Jumpers‘ that are knitted and have Christmas overtones. Garish in colour and design, they feature the typical ‘Christmas colours’ of green/red/white and can feature snowflake patterns, … Continue reading

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How to save money over Christmas

Yes, every year the news is full of how much the average person spends on Christmas, whether it be food, presents or decorations. Here’s a handy hint on saving on Christmas decorations and re-using your resources in new and creative … Continue reading

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This is what’s left of the “Sons of Gwalia”

Still to this day in West Australia, there are goldfields remnants of the gold rush days. After the gold boom years from 1897-1923 came the bad years of decay; when the gold beneath the ground petered out and the people … Continue reading

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Which do you prefer – Still life or distilled life?

So what does alcohol and art have in common? Well, in some cases, some people may need enough alcohol to appreciate art, but in this case, I saw the absolute opposite. Within the walls of the museum of Locke’s distillery, … Continue reading

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For Cleopatra … I may be waxing lyrical

I remember as a very young child going to see the Kings Cross Wax Works  at the Village Centre, Kings Cross, Sydney. The Village Centre, which is long gone, was between Springfield Plaza and Llankelly Place.  The Waxworks museum, although … Continue reading

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World Toilet Day – Who gives a crap?

Supposedly, tomorrow is “World Toilet Day“. The concept is to help alleviate sanitation problems and raise money to save lives in poorer worldwide communities. It was approved by the UN General Assembly in 2013 with Water Aid as its major … Continue reading

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Prior evidence proves that early goldfield memorabilia is important

Ben Prior’s Open Air Museum is located in Bayley Street, Coolgardie, in the heart of the the goldfields district of Western Australia.  Coolgardie was the site of an initial gold rush in the early 1890s, prior to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder gold rush. This collection was … Continue reading

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This poor dog is stuffed!

Taxidermy is the art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals for display or, for other sources of study. The term comes from the Greek for “arrangement of skin”.    A taxidermist (who conducts this type of work), may be … Continue reading

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Ruffling the fur on Hello Kitty

There has been much ‘to do’ this week which is enough to ruffle your fur. In case you haven’t caught up with the latest, it appears that the  “Hello Kitty” cartoon depiction we are all used to seeing, is not … Continue reading

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Let yourself go!

I will apologize in advance, if you find this illustration offensive, however, I do feel obligated to cover erotic art amongst my offerings and ask once more – “Is it art“? This particular piece is from a 1962 cover of … Continue reading

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Was it Shoeicide or not?

What’s with the preponderance for seeing abandoned shoes or footwear wherever you go? and why is it most often, one lonely piece? Look around and you will quickly see that there are plenty of singular shoes, runners, thongs, sandals, or … Continue reading

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sheepshaggers: the best beer baa none!

Sheepshaggers – The Carngorm Brewery in the Scottish town of Inverness produces this extraordinarily named beer Sheepshaggers Gold Premium Beer. It’s style is a light golden almost lager style beer with a gentle malt flavour. The variety of hops creates … Continue reading

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When Frank’n’Stein met the ‘Armless Men’

Must admit, I have just come back from attending a wonderful annual event. Not only does April 1 represent ‘April Fool’s Day‘ but it also marks the return of the ‘International Edible Book Festival‘ which is now in its 14th … Continue reading

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Go Mango!

OK everyone, apparently we can all relax. “The Big Mango of Bowen” which disappeared overnight has been found. The ‘spotted’ fruit was found at the back of the Bowen Tourist Information Office. A little off-kilter and more horizontal than vertical, … Continue reading

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Compare the Pair #9 – What the stuff?

This first bag of chaff sits in an art gallery – the wonderful National Gallery of Victoria. It is called “Art Stuffing” (1970) , an installation by conceptual artist, Aleks Danko, born in 1950. It is a hessian bag stuffed … Continue reading

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