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Christmas in Hosier Lane

This is left over from last Christmas in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane – entitled “I’ll Empty Your Sack.” I chose not to show it last year because I thought it too rude: but I haven’t seen anything Christmas-sy in the street … Continue reading

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The wonderland of Alice

I found the following information about Alice from her own website and biography. Alice Pasquini is a visual artist from Rome who works as an illustrator, set designer and painter. She has worked in England, France and Spain since graduating … Continue reading

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If roses are red… and violets are blue…

So February 14 has come again – St. Valentine’s Day. A day when the price of roses skyrockets in florists around the world and chocolate and candy shops are stripped of their especially wrapped stock! Restaurants and cafes make the … Continue reading

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Santa Claus is coming to town…

“You better watch out, You better not cry , Better not pout , I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town“. …and he is not too far away from you. Between himself, his elves and his reindeer, he … Continue reading

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A Black Day for Street Art

A Black Day for Street Art- ¬†or so it seems, according to media write-up, however, there still is an element of alarm with the latest black out on Hosier Lane in Melbourne. This has been a mega street art destination … Continue reading

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Jill Meagher – Reclaim the Night Tribute

Back on October 12, 2012, an unknown street artist plied the walls of Hosier Lane in Melbourne, with heartfelt feelings towards the unfortunate and senseless killing of a young 29 year-old Irish woman, living in Melbourne and working for the … Continue reading

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