Dark Art

Art can be depicted in terms of light or dark in subject and context. This page acknowledges ‘darker aspects’ of art which may sit awkwardly with some readers and viewers.

Cemetery & Church Art (monumental stones can be very interesting)

Cat & Mouse skeletons found in a Dublin church | The Isle of the Dead – Port Arthur, Tasmania | Kensal Green Cemetery one of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ | Ladies Abbey, Caen (Wife of William the Conqueror)

Druidic & early influences in art brings great mystic thought and provocation to many.

Halloween | Stonehenge

Sorcery and the macabre

Rosaleen Norton great Sydney artist

Horror & fantasy  stories, and tales from similar genre

Angels & Devils | The fantasy art of the Brothers Hildebrandt | Circus of Horrors (movie) | Nox Arcana’s Darklore Manor album | Waxwork art

Angels (memorials that celebrate the dearly departed – Hallowed be thy name).

Lewis Marnell – skateboarder | Sydney, St. Martin’s Place Lindt Cafe siege

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