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Painting is the Most Beautiful of Lies

Above: Kees van Dongen portrait of the artist as Neptune (1922 oil on canvas 170x120cm) Dutch-French Fauvist painter, Cornelis Theodorus Maria ‘Kees’ van Dongen  was born in Delfshaven, then on the outskirts, and today a borough, of Rotterdam on 26 … Continue reading

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Concrete evidence that Magnelli did Excelli

“Ronde Oceanique” 1937, (oil on canvas 114 x 146 cm). Born in Florence, on 1 July 1888,  Italian modern painter Alberto Magnelli was a significant figure in the post-war Concrete Art movement. Starting off in 1907, despite having limited formal … Continue reading

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This Breton Woman & Child is no Patterson’s curse

Ambrose McCarthy Patterson  Breton Woman and Child, 1908 (oil on canvas) Australian born painter and print-maker, Ambrose McCarthy Patterson was born on 29 June 1877, in Daylesford, Victoria. Patterson studied at the Melbourne Art School under Emmanuel Phillips Fox and Tudor … Continue reading

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Braque it to me gently

Georges Braque was born on 13 May, 1882, in Argenteuil, Val-d’Ois and was raised in  Le Havre.  Like his father and grandfather, he had been trained to be a house painter and decorator. Unsatisfied with this, (between 1897-1899), Braques switched … Continue reading

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