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Cheezels are more than a Mynah Attraction

Don’t get me wrong! Not for one moment am I saying that Peter Trusler’s art is rubbish, but I love the use of rubbish within Peter Trusler’s art! Especially the inclusion of a discarded, empty Cheezels bag. (Def: highly cheesy … Continue reading

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How to save money over Christmas

Yes, every year the news is full of how much the average person spends on Christmas, whether it be food, presents or decorations. Here’s a handy hint on saving on Christmas decorations and re-using your resources in new and creative … Continue reading

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Was it Shoeicide or not?

What’s with the preponderance for seeing abandoned shoes or footwear wherever you go? and why is it most often, one lonely piece? Look around and you will quickly see that there are plenty of singular shoes, runners, thongs, sandals, or … Continue reading

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“Bring out your dead”

You know when Christmas is over – that’s when you see the dead or dying Christmas trees, discarded from the family home and thrown onto the suburban nature or communal strip. By this stage they have gone brown, the needles … Continue reading

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Compare the pair #6 Trolley Wallies

Can you spot the difference? One is considered art and the other is not. For example, both involve abandoned supermarket trolleys. If nothing else, both examples could be seen as a form of ‘still life’. However, the first example is … Continue reading

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