Cheezels are more than a Mynah Attraction

peter trusler-cheezelsDon’t get me wrong!

Not for one moment am I saying that Peter Trusler’s art is rubbish, but I love the use of rubbish within Peter Trusler’s art! Especially the inclusion of a discarded, empty Cheezels bag. (Def: highly cheesy crunchy savoury snack, beloved by children of all ages!).

The above image is featured in “Birds of Australian Gardens” by Australian artist Peter Trusler. Trusler was born in Yallourn in country Victoria. He studied oil painting under the Ballarat artist Jessie Merritt and is a science graduate from Monash University. He is a foundation member of the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia and his work is represented in collections throughout Australia. Among the publications featured in this illustration are the Gould League’s Bird Habitatat Wall-chart series and Rigby’s Every Australian Bird Illustrated.

He describes the above featured Common mynah (acrdotheres tristis) as the larrikin of the streets. They are members of the large starling family Sturnidae and were originally introduced to control insect pests. The Common mynah is aka the Indian Myna.

  • Their food source is varied, including insects; such as wasps, flies, beetles, and their larvae and sugar ants; household scraps, seeds, and fruit.
  • The strutting common mynah rarely neglects an opportunity to investigate food sources, and thus a diet of Cheezels may become a part of their diet.

However, there is one trick that humans can do that mynahs cannot do when it comes to eating Cheezels; and that is to place one Cheezel ring over each finger (and thumb). Therefore, at a party, we can run away from the Cheezel’s bowl with up to 10 Cheezels before anyone can bat an eyelid and realise that the bowl is now severely depleted.

Wey ho! nibble, nibble, nibble, yum, yum, yum, Cheezels are the way to go, I’m not dumb!

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