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Pellucidar and The Dirty Dozen

This piece by Pie Bolton entitled Pellucidar (2018) was part of The Dirty Dozen exhibition which ran from 18 July – 23 August 2018 at the subterranean Campbell Arcade in Melbourne based on one of Edgar Rice Burrough’s science fiction … Continue reading

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One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure

Junky Projects is the street art contribution of refound items created by Daniel Lynch (born 1977). Lynch is a contemporary artist based in Melbourne and working in multiple media using waste and recycled materials as the principle material for his … Continue reading

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May Your Cup Runneth Over and Be Squashed

Left: Paper cup and straw by Jasper Jacobsen, Time’s Black Arrow (2014). Jasper Jacobsen is a Melbourne-based artist currently completing a Master of Contemporary Art degree at the Victorian College of the Arts. Centre: This paper cup was found in … Continue reading

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I Just Don’t Understand

A while ago I spotted this daubing on the side of a bridge spanning the A79 highway.  Clearly the original version has been ‘worked upon’ to remove the person’s name, but what I don’t understand is… Why did you stop … Continue reading

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Cheezels are more than a Mynah Attraction

Don’t get me wrong! Not for one moment am I saying that Peter Trusler’s art is rubbish, but I love the use of rubbish within Peter Trusler’s art! Especially the inclusion of a discarded, empty Cheezels bag. (Def: highly cheesy … Continue reading

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How to save money over Christmas

Yes, every year the news is full of how much the average person spends on Christmas, whether it be food, presents or decorations. Here’s a handy hint on saving on Christmas decorations and re-using your resources in new and creative … Continue reading

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