One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure

Junky Projects is the street art contribution of refound items created by Daniel Lynch (born 1977). Lynch is a contemporary artist based in Melbourne and working in multiple media using waste and recycled materials as the principle material for his work. He has also been a street art tour guide for 6 years; and a street art and graffiti workshop facilitator for over 15 years.

  • Junky Projects are small sentinels created from found refuse; our forgotten and discarded garbage reanimated to haunt us.
  • The works speak to a cultural anxiety of excessive consumption and waste and expand the idea of what graffiti can be, which makes them a leading example of Melbourne Street art.

Lynch has a background in Visual Communication and Education, (Diploma of Education (Secondary) specialising in design and technology; Bachelor of Design – Visual Communication (Honours).

  • Discover more about Junky Projects at his website or Insta account @junkyprojects

BTW – There are reportedly over 2500 Lil Junky’s out in the wild – and here are 12 of them!

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“Is It Art?”

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