Not the Blue Poles You Were Perhaps Thinking Of?

Jonathan Jones Kamilaroi/Wiradjuri (born 1978) won an Art and Australia Emerging Art award in 2005 for his work entitled: Blue Poles.

  • [Blue Poles (2004) 10 fluorescent lights, transparent synthetic polymer resin, composition board, electrical cord, 168.9 cm x 285.3 cm x 65 cm overall; edition of 3 and one museum edition; ART AND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Collection (purchased, Victorian Foundation for Living Australian Artists, 2010)].
  • [Untitled (Muya) (2011) Light Boxes NGV Melbourne. This work is a dedication to the Wurundjeri Ngurungaeta (Leader) William Barak. Like all true leaders, a cultural ambassador and advocator; a devoted father and an insightful and gifted artist]; also
  • [Blue Poles (2010) (fluorescent lights, transparent synthetic polymer resin composition board, electrical cord, plastic, steel, adhesive. NGV Melboune.]

Blue Poles references elements of Western modernism, indigenous art and history; the symbiotic relationship of the individual; and the community which is represented by a grouping of lines of fluorescent light.

As Jones states; “Lines of light are connected to the Aboriginal line designs specific to south-eastern Australia. In this region the line is used to create patterns and designs, often carved into wood, skin and the ground. These designs are best illustrated by the region’s carved wooden shields and the works of Tommy McRae and Uncle Roy Kennedy. This work is based on continuing this cultural vernacular”.

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