Rubbish Art

binsIt is easy to look at something you do not like, belittle or see as inconsequential, but, it may still be classified as art. When looking at something that you think befits that title, you might well think or say – that is rubbish! But, at what point does someone decide it is rubbish as opposed to art? I consider this a very fine line, so offer some rubbish art items for your consideration. Therefore I proffer the following:

Junky ProjectJunky Projects – The one on the left is by a street artist known as Junky Project.  These are street art collations created by junk and found objects which are presented as a reminder of the excessive waste humans produce and as a consequence, sometime in our life, this unnecessary waste may come back to haunt us. For further information see my post.

shoe-abandonedIs it shoeicide? What’s with the preponderance for seeing abandoned shoes or footwear wherever you go? and why is it most often, one lonely piece? Look around and you will quickly see that there are plenty of singular shoes, runners, thongs, sandals, or you-name-it; in the name of footwear, that dot the coastline and the city areas, like there is ‘no tomorrow’. I ask you, at what point of the day/night do you suddenly realise that you are a little footloose and fancy-free on your left or right side and be a little lop-sided in your gait? For more information on this post click here.

rubbish-artCan you spot the difference? One is considered art and the other is not. For example, both involve abandoned supermarket trolleys. If nothing else, both examples could be seen as a form of ‘still life’. However, the first example is a piece from the ‘Sweet Streets’ street art exhibition from a couple of years ago. The supermarket trolley containing leaves from tree branches sits inside the trolley. The trolley is attached or ‘trussed’ to the wall by strings of yarn. This form of art is known as ‘yarn bombing’. The pieces of yarn attached to the brickwork stretch around to the other side of the wall. I must confess, I’m a little perplexed, especially in relation to the ‘fodder’ in the trolley, but I accept it is a form of art. More information is available.

wine caskA Wine bladder is also known as box wine, boxy, bladder, cask-wine bag, or goon bag, (coll. for flagon)It refers to any wine packaged as a bag-in-the-box, or cask wine. Such packages usually contain a plastic bladder protected by an external box casing, usually made of corrugated fiberboard.  The outward cardboard box can be recycled, however, the plastic bladders, are still largely thrown into landfill.  The photo here, shows an example of someone using a “wine bladder” as a piece of street art. To see its comparison see my original post which compares it with something that IS considered art.

Tomato in the WallHere’s one of those conundrums – like which came first, the chicken or the egg? What I’m looking at is an empty can of tomatoes nestling in a brick wall. My conundrum is:

  • (a) is it art?
  • (b) if not, which came first, the whole in the bricks (and why?) so we could put an empty can there or
  • (c) I’ve created a hole in the brickwork so that we could put an empty vessel there (like an empty can of tomatoes). Does anyone have an idea, or is it simply another wonderful, great art installation? For further information see my original post.

lonesome chipPicnic food scraps – Fish & chips are synonymous with the seaside and therefore seagulls. So, I ask? Can you ever recall having a take-out fish & chip meal in paper-wrapping  on the beach without seagulls bickering, foraging and ultimately stealing your chips? So, if chips are so bad for us to eat and seagulls eat chips – then, why don’t they die of heart-attacks due to over-indulgence in high-fat chip high-cholesterol diets?  Can someone please explain! The following is my original post.

Dead Xmas treeYou know when Christmas is over – that’s when you see the dead or dying Christmas trees, discarded from the family home and thrown onto the suburban nature or communal strip. By this stage they have gone brown, the needles are dropping off and the stench of dead or dying pine needles can even affect the non-hay fever sufferers to blow their noses and pat down the tears in their eyes. Here’s the original post.

barbies-xmasI spied in a front garden a hand-made version of a Christmas tree resplendent with tinsel and angel on top. I like it. No cost and all recycle! even if it is made out of what people would consider rubbish. So never forget “What one person considers rubbish, another considers it as treasure”. For further information, see my original post.


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