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4EVR Young: Malcolm Young

Vale Malcolm Young who sadly died on 18 November, 2017 at the age of 64. He along with some of his brothers became a part of one of Australia’s most iconic bands of the 1970s+ AC/DC. Malcolm, Angus, and George Young were … Continue reading

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Agnes Toth: From ‘Man in Cloth’ to Darkest Goth

Above: “The Magician” by Agnes Toth Contemporary artist Agnes Toth (born, 1981 in Gyor, Hungary) displays an inimitable style and with great story-telling ability.  Toth graduated from University College, Falmouth (U.K.) with an M.A. in Fine Art Contemporary Practice and … Continue reading

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Sometimes – Time and Tide Wait For No Man

 Above: Patrick Woodroffe’s LP cover design for Greenslade’s  “Time & Tide for No Man”. Patrick James Woodroffe was born on 27 October 1940, in Halifax, West Yorkshire.  He became a full-time artist in 1972; the year in which he gave … Continue reading

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There is Nothing Harder at Task for Haida the Mask

Among the Haida people from the Pacific Northwest of North America existed secret religious societies that performed dances in which they wore wooden masks or carried wooden puppets that represented gagid, or the spirits of the forest. A  gagid mask … Continue reading

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I Will Keep an Open Mind – Is It Art or Science?

Above: Plaster model of the brain by [unknown maker]. This item is one from a display at the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology at the University of Melbourne. The Museum and Library is part of the University’s … Continue reading

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The “Sage of the Wilderness” was born in the Kitchen

Above: William Mack, “The Sage of the Wilderness“. (Photo by Diane Arbus). At the time Diane Arbus took this photograph of William Mack (aka “The Sage of the Wilderness“) he was a 72 year-old, German, ex-merchant seaman living on his … Continue reading

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Re: Deeming – Not Redeeming!

Above featured: Death mask of Frederick Bayley Deeming (plaster and paint head 30 x 18.5 x 22 cm) State Library of Victoria. The Library also has the cast of his hand, courtesy of 1967 donation. Frederick Bayley Deeming was a … Continue reading

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Fantasy That – It’s Hansson’s Magician’s Hat

Jan Ternald’s cover art for Bo Hansson’s album “Magician’s Hat”. Swedish musician Bo Hansson was born on 10 April 1943. He was best known for his four instrumental albums released in the 1970s. Hansson spent his early life in a … Continue reading

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There is Nothing Superficial About the Art of Eric Fischl

American painter, sculptor and print-maker Eric Fischl was born in New York City on March 9, 1948. Fischl grew up in suburban Long Island until his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1967. His artistic education began at Phoenix College, … Continue reading

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Oh Cecilia, You’re Breaking My Heart

Above: St. Cecilia as portrayed by Italian artist: Guido Reni Saint Cecilia was a Roman martyr. She is reported to be born Ca. 2nd or 3rd Century A.D., although her dates of birth and martyrdom are unknown. St. Cecilia is … Continue reading

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Coulrophobia – (The Fear of Clowns)

Above street art is by Owen Dippie, (OD) a street artist / graffiti artist / muralist from New Zealand.  You can find out more about Owen Dippie via his website  or follow him on his Blog. The artwork commemorates Heath … Continue reading

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Time to Bask in Tutankhamun’s Golden Mask

The Golden Mask (aka The Gold Death Mask) featured above is an exact replica of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s features, represented in beaten gold inlaid with semi-precious stones. (The life size replica stands 21″ high x 15″ wide at the … Continue reading

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Ghostbikes that Celebrate the Cycle of Life

A “Ghost Bike” aka “Ghost-Cycle” or “White-Cycle”,  is a bicycle set up as a roadside memorial in a place where a cyclist has been killed or severely injured.  Apart from being a memorial, it is usually intended as a reminder to passing motorists to … Continue reading

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You must remember this, a Kiss is just a kiss

Isobel Gloag – “The Kiss of the Enchantress“ c. 1890 This painting depicts a young soldier being trapped by a Lamia. Among the Greeks and Romans, a Lamia was a female demon who devoured children and whose name was used … Continue reading

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Praise for Matilda’s Legacy for Caen

L’Abbaye-aux-Dames (aka Ladies’ Abbey and Abbey of Sainte-Trinité / Holy Trinity) sits in the parish of St. Giles in Caen, Normandy was founded by Matilda of Flanders, wife of William the Conqueror.  The Abbey  is a former monastery for women and Benedictine nuns, and … Continue reading

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