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Yes, it appears that underwear and underpants can be a feature of art and here are some examples which prove this. Firstly, “The Connoisseur II”  by Peter Corlett, (born in Melbourne, on 16 January 1944) produced an Australian fibre-glass, reinforced polyester resin sculpture, 157×45×43 cm (National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne).

  • Secondly we have Jordi Cordal’s Handle With Care’ which was shown at the 2012 Platform Contemporary Art Spaces. ‘Platform’, is Australia’s longest operating artist run initiative. One of its main exhibition points is the Campbell Arcade within the Flinders Street underpass area in central Melbourne. (Mixed media including Y front underpants, remote control, walnut shells, pea, plastic, graph paper and board).

Lastly I have included an ‘installation’ of a random pair of underpants which were attached to some external infrastructure in Hosier Lane. How they arrived and ended up, let alone displayed there, is anyone’s guess.

Y Fronts in Art? – Y Not!

When it comes to underpants as art, Y-Fronts? Y-Not!

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