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The Hounds of Love are Calling

(Above: The Faithful Hound (1830) – where the bloodhound, as protagonist, howls a mournful lament for his dead master, as the the last rays of the sun fade). English painter Sir Edwin Henry Landseer was born on 7 March, 1802. … Continue reading

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Oh! brave white horses! you gather and gallop

The Australian poet, Adam Lindsay Gordon (born 19 October, 1833 – died 24 June, 1870) lived at 10 Lewis Street, in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton, in 1868 during the last years of his life, after having migrated to Australia … Continue reading

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Webb’s Hope of Deliverance – Justifies its Existence

Bust of poet A.C. Hope by Cathy Webb, Garema Place, Canberra, Australia (2012). Alec Derwent Hope AC OBE (21 July 1907 –13 July 2000) was an Australian poet and essayist known for his satirical slant. He was also a critic, … Continue reading

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The hounds of love are calling – for Diana

Some people may recognize this bronze statue of Diana and the Hounds which stands in front of the Conservatory in Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens. It is the work of Australian sculptor William Leslie Bowles, who was born on 26 February 1885 in Leichhardt, New South Wales.  He … Continue reading

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The spirit of community expounds in Ethos

“Ethos” is a slender-winged bronze figured sculpture which stands in the Australian capital city of Canberra’s Civic Centre.  Sculptured by Tom Bass, “Ethos” symbolizes the Capital’s ‘Spirit of the Community’ and is said to be an expression of the nation’s … Continue reading

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When Archibald met Apollo

I fell in love with the Archibald Fountain when I first saw it at the age of nine. Its real name is the “J. F. Archibald Memorial Fountain“, named after the owner and editor of The Bulletin magazine, who bequeathed … Continue reading

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Prior evidence proves that early goldfield memorabilia is important

Ben Prior’s Open Air Museum is located in Bayley Street, Coolgardie, in the heart of the the goldfields district of Western Australia.  Coolgardie was the site of an initial gold rush in the early 1890s, prior to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder gold rush. This collection was … Continue reading

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Bookish Owls and a Little Big Man

The Big Little Man (1999) sounds like a typical oxymoron, however, in this case, he is a whimsical bronze sculpture by Dean Bowen. It provokes interaction and discussion as he appears as both larger and smaller than life at the … Continue reading

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A sacred and safe home for all living creatures

The Fairies Tree is a red gum carving by Ola Cohn, MBE, ARCA which stands in Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens. Born in Bendigo in 1892, Ola excelled in art an early age. She studied at Melbourne’s Swinburne Technical College before winning a … Continue reading

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To quaff from the trough is well good enough

This is a Bill’s Trough which is also known as – a Bill’s Horse Trough.  These watering troughs were built for working horses who helped us during the first half of the 20th C.  In recognition and respect for the fine … Continue reading

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Federation Square– colloquially known as “Fed Square” is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. Incredibly controversial during its construction, it has over the years “mellowed” and been accepted for what it represents. The glass walls of the Atrium space covers a … Continue reading

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“…This old man came rolling home!”

Paddy Hannan from Kalgoorlie from the wilds of Western Australia, was a gold prospector. Born in Co. Clare, Ireland, he and two mates discovered gold near Mount Charlotte near the Coolgardie goldfields not far from Kalgoorlie. In 1904, at the … Continue reading

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“The Eagle Will Rise Again…”

Eagle, a 25 meter-high sculpture by Bruce Armstrong has been keeping a watchful eye from his perch in Wurundjeri Way, in the Docklands precinct of Melbourne for over a decade. Majestic in his stature, the  timber, aluminium and glass statue … Continue reading

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Compare the Pair – #4 – 101 inspirations from a wine bladder

A Wine bladder –  is also known as box wine, boxy, bladder, cask-wine bag,  or goon bag, (coll. for flagon). It refers to  any wine packaged as a bag-in-the-box, or cask wine. Such packages usually contain a plastic bladder protected … Continue reading

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I couldn’t agree more

This photo I took many years ago on my first trip to Bali. We were walking along the main street down towards the beach at Kuta to watch the sunset.  There, on the way, was this telephone box. (This was … Continue reading

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