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This is what’s left of the “Sons of Gwalia”

Still to this day in West Australia, there are goldfields remnants of the gold rush days. After the gold boom years from 1897-1923 came the bad years of decay; when the gold beneath the ground petered out and the people … Continue reading

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World Toilet Day – Who gives a crap?

Supposedly, tomorrow is “World Toilet Day“. The concept is to help alleviate sanitation problems and raise money to save lives in poorer worldwide communities. It was approved by the UN General Assembly in 2013 with Water Aid as its major … Continue reading

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Prior evidence proves that early goldfield memorabilia is important

Ben Prior’s Open Air Museum is located in Bayley Street, Coolgardie, in the heart of the the goldfields district of Western Australia.  Coolgardie was the site of an initial gold rush in the early 1890s, prior to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder gold rush. This collection was … Continue reading

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When Frank’n’Stein met the ‘Armless Men’

Must admit, I have just come back from attending a wonderful annual event. Not only does April 1 represent ‘April Fool’s Day‘ but it also marks the return of the ‘International Edible Book Festival‘ which is now in its 14th … Continue reading

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“…And Dream of Sheep”

As a child I remember times when I could not get off to sleep and my parents would say that all you needed to do was count sheep. With that, they would get up, turn my bedside lamp off for … Continue reading

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So good, they were hardly cereal killers

Breakfast Cereal providers were were once great at enticing  ‘lil’-uns’ to eat their breakfast cereal by providing a collector card. There was a big market between Kellogg’s, Uncle Toby’s, Sanitarium, and others. Most had cards, but some provided really groovy … Continue reading

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I love knit-wits

Yarn bombing or yarn storming, is also known as guerrilla knitting, urban knitting or graffiti knitting. It includes colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre attached to ordinary objects in the street.     Often these yarn installations … Continue reading

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These butterflies will no longer flutter by

Butterflies – Very large collections of butterflies are conserved in museums, colleges and/or universities where they are maintained and studied by specialists known as entomologists. Many amateur collectors and enthusiasts can also be referred to as entomologists. As a hobby, … Continue reading

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“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”

…so are the immortal words of a great gastronome! Today marks the 13th occurrence of the Edible Book Festival. This is an international event which has been held around April 1 since 2000. (aka The Edible Book Day). Entries for … Continue reading

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Doe a Deer, a female deer…

I never knew shelving could be so hard! This is the winner of the Sir John Sulman Prize for 2013 –Victoria Reichelt. It is an oil on linen 130 x 91 cm From the artist, Victoria says: “With the invention of … Continue reading

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Look What’s Hatched!

Have you noticed how all the latest crazes around town involve the latest term of “a pop-up”? The more common form of pop-ups involve food or entertainment. Regular townies can be exposed to or come across various pop-up food stalls, … Continue reading

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When the chips are down

The recent release of ‘Hitchcock’ the movie showcases the genius of the man who created world-class suspense films from his ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ series on TV introduced by that fantastic piece of music – ‘Funeral March of a Marionette’ by … Continue reading

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Pod off

Have you noticed how common the term “pod” has infiltrated our vocabulary? I’ll give you an example, not so long ago we got used to our little work cubicles being referred to as ‘pods’ but we didn’t like the term. … Continue reading

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Kung Hii Fatt Choi

恭喜发财 (in simplified Chinese:);  恭喜發財 (traditional Chinese);  Gōngxǐfācái (in pinyin); Keong hee huat chye (Hokkien) (POJ: Kiong-hí hoat-châi);  Gung1 hei2 faat3 coi4 (Cantonese:);  Kung Hii Fatt Choi (Hakka) which loosely translates to “Congratulations and be prosperous”, or Happy Chinese New … Continue reading

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RIP Dr. Les Erdi OAM

About 18 months ago I walked around the Banana Alley area and came across a hip gallery – Signal and noticed some interesting sculptures and installations around the Southbank, Sandridge Bridge connect and came across something called Les Erdi Plaza. … Continue reading

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