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How to save money over Christmas

Yes, every year the news is full of how much the average person spends on Christmas, whether it be food, presents or decorations. Here’s a handy hint on saving on Christmas decorations and re-using your resources in new and creative … Continue reading

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World Toilet Day – Who gives a crap?

Supposedly, tomorrow is “World Toilet Day“. The concept is to help alleviate sanitation problems and raise money to save lives in poorer worldwide communities. It was approved by the UN General Assembly in 2013 with Water Aid as its major … Continue reading

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Was it Shoeicide or not?

What’s with the preponderance for seeing abandoned shoes or footwear wherever you go? and why is it most often, one lonely piece? Look around and you will quickly see that there are plenty of singular shoes, runners, thongs, sandals, or … Continue reading

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sheepshaggers: the best beer baa none!

Sheepshaggers – The Carngorm Brewery in the Scottish town of Inverness produces this extraordinarily named beer Sheepshaggers Gold Premium Beer. It’s style is a light golden almost lager style beer with a gentle malt flavour. The variety of hops creates … Continue reading

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Go Mango!

OK everyone, apparently we can all relax. “The Big Mango of Bowen” which disappeared overnight has been found. The ‘spotted’ fruit was found at the back of the Bowen Tourist Information Office. A little off-kilter and more horizontal than vertical, … Continue reading

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Compare the pair #6 Trolley Wallies

Can you spot the difference? One is considered art and the other is not. For example, both involve abandoned supermarket trolleys. If nothing else, both examples could be seen as a form of ‘still life’. However, the first example is … Continue reading

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Compare the Pair – #4 – 101 inspirations from a wine bladder

A Wine bladder –  is also known as box wine, boxy, bladder, cask-wine bag,  or goon bag, (coll. for flagon). It refers to  any wine packaged as a bag-in-the-box, or cask wine. Such packages usually contain a plastic bladder protected … Continue reading

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More Brawn than Prawn

“The Big Things of Australia” are a loosely related set of large structures or sculptures. There are estimated to be over 150 such objects around the country.  Most of these “Big Things” began as tourist traps found along major roads … Continue reading

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“If it’s frigid…it’s cold”…”if you know what I mean”…

As a teenager you learn new words, or new meanings for existing words. As a really mean example, a person may be referred to as ‘frigid’ – meaning they are really cold (in any sense of the term).  So recently, … Continue reading

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Shouting lager, lager, lager, shouting…

For those of you who like a beer, sport and like to be on the water, here’s a great way to combine all of your favorite pastimes into one – (Yeah, drinking is probably a sport for some). You could … Continue reading

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A game of cat & mouse

The Cat and the Rat- These two can be found at the Christ Church Cathedral  (aka Cathedral of the Holy Trinity) in Dublin.  The Cathedral contains the largest crypt (63.4m long) in Britain or Ireland and was constructed between 1172-1173. … Continue reading

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When the chips are down

The recent release of ‘Hitchcock’ the movie showcases the genius of the man who created world-class suspense films from his ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ series on TV introduced by that fantastic piece of music – ‘Funeral March of a Marionette’ by … Continue reading

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Where’s the hold up?

When I saw this particular lampshade at the B&B in Ireland, I was “gob-smacked”. I had never seen anything like this before. “Kitsch” is a word that immediately comes to mind, but it is “so bad – it is cool” … Continue reading

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Iconic Pink Poodle sign – Surfers Paradise

In the classic musical “Gigi,” Maurice Chevalier sings, “Thank Heaven for Little Girls“. In a similarly French theme, I say, “Thank heaven for small mercies“. The infamous ‘Pink Poodle’ Surfers Paradise neon-sign landmark from the former Pink Poodle Motel lives … Continue reading

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I’ve got a pressing need to deal with flower power

Pressed flower Craft – consists of drying flower petals and leaves in a flower press to flatten and exclude light and moisture. These flower-power people use special paper, such as handmade paper, Ingres paper or Japanese paper. The craft gained … Continue reading

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