Was it Shoeicide or not?

Abandoned ShoeWhat’s with the preponderance for seeing abandoned shoes or footwear wherever you go? and why is it most often, one lonely piece? Look around and you will quickly see that there are plenty of singular shoes, runners, thongs, sandals, or you-name-it; in the name of footwear, that dot the coastline and the city areas, like there is ‘no tomorrow’.

I ask you, at what point of the day/night do you suddenly realise that you are a little footloose and fancy-free on your left or right side and be a little lop-sided in your gait?

Does this mean that at this point, the forgotten or lonesome piece of footwear, may have willingly or unwillingly been a subject of “shoe-icide?” or are we just merely waiting for that Cinderella and the Prince moment of reconciliation of this wayward recalcitrant item?

Notably, some shoe abandonment is intentional, as in shoe-tossing, in which shoes are tied together by their laces and thrown in great numbers into trees, over power lines, or over fences. as a form of art known as objet trouvé or shoefitti. (What these hang-around numbers means, depends on your own and local definitions)! but the mystery of the singular shoe lingers on.

Was it pushed…did it fall… or was it shoe-icide?

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“Is It Art?”

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