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advanticious weedI call this advanticious weed. It’s just a weed growing out of a building but it has a certain appeal does it not? This was my original post.



wine cask A Wine bladder – is also known as box wine, boxy, bladder, cask-wine bag, or goon bag, (coll. for flagon). It refers to any wine packaged as a bag-in-the-box, or cask wine. However, if you compare this with the next photo; I can only feel that this street furniture artist was inspired by the “wine bladder” when they designed this particular street chair in Australia’s national capital city – Canberra. To read more about this, see my post about wine bladder art.

crack glassHere we have a theme of a broken pane of glass. The first is a shattered glass pane of a window in a building. When I first looked at it, I barely thought of it as anything other than a broken pane of window probably caused by an act of vandalism.  After all, it is in an area where one would expect to see such acts of violence.  However, I couldn’t help thinking about it, so, camera in hand, went back and ‘snapped’ it. More information can be found in my original post.

teleponThis photo I took many years ago on my first trip to Bali. We were walking along the main street down towards the beach at Kuta to watch the sunset.  There, on the way, was this telephone box. (This was in the days before the popularity of the cell-phone), so if you wanted to make a ‘phone call, you stepped inside a telephone booth to do so. Now of course these days, you would be hard-strapped to find one. Initially, I was drawn to the Asian architectural adaptation to the phone box, and then I read its inscription, which, when you read it aloud is something like “Telepon Umom”, which is something I totally agree with. If you are away from home on vacation in a foreign land, don’t forget to let the “ole folks at home now that you are OK” – in other words “telephone your’ mom” (or whoever you need to). Here’s my original post.

Tomato in the WallHere’s one of those conundrums – like which came first, the chicken or the egg? What I’m looking at is an empty can of tomatoes nestling in a brick wall. My conundrum is (a) is it art? (b) if not, which came first, the whole in the bricks (and why?) so we could put an empty can there or (c) I’ve created a hole in the brickwork so that we could put an empty vessel there (like an empty can of tomatoes).  Does anyone have an idea, or is it simply another wonderful, great art installation? Here’s the original post.

Railway station taggingIn the ’80s a lot of tagging wasn’t as artistic or ‘considered’ as it is today. Basically you just got a spray cannon and went for it. Here is the female toilet area at my local station. Hard to work out where one lot begins and another ends. What ever happened to the simple ‘Foo Was Here‘ outline? Here’s the original Feral Tagging post.

front-doorStreet art aka post-graffiti is distinguished from graffiti or vandalism. They are referred to as “Taggers”. They include those who put tags in indiscriminate places like those found on trains, trucks, doors etc. For further information on this subject, see my Street Art page.

Street art – often also known as Graffiti (or singular graffito) is an art form whose value is highly contested. The following are some terms you might like to know (if you don’t already):

counting sheepNow I know that “Counting Sheep” really does help you get to sleep and may help your unrelenting insomnia. I found this new product which just might do the trick. It’s not available from your local chemist or pharmacist, but if you hunt it down, you might be able to find it at your local off-license, pub, or drive-through bottle shop.  It’s called “Counting Sheep” and it’s a Sauvignon Blanc wine from the Marlborough region in New Zealand. It works like this- you undo the bottle, pour enough of the contents into a wine glass, drink and replenish your empty glass until you feel sleepy. Go straight to bed and you will find by the next morning that you have slept quite well. Thus, you will find it to be an excellent way of getting to sleep by merely “Counting Sheep“. More information available here.


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