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Have these three added to the general plopulation?

So, here’s the drop on ‘Plop’. ‘Plop Art’ or, as sometimes referred to: ‘Plonk Art’ is a pejorative slang term for public art; which is usually large, abstract, modernist or contemporary (and mostly sculpture) made for Government or Corporate plazas, … Continue reading

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Compare the pair #6 Trolley Wallies

Can you spot the difference? One is considered art and the other is not. For example, both involve abandoned supermarket trolleys. If nothing else, both examples could be seen as a form of ‘still life’. However, the first example is … Continue reading

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Animal magnetism

You bet I’m stuck on you! This threesome remind me of a modern-day three wise monkeys – Fridge magnets  -Whether you like them or not, they’re everywhere. I wonder if anyone has ever thought of doing a fridge magnet census.  … Continue reading

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Advanticious weed

I call this advanticious weed. It’s just a weed growing out of a building but it has a certain appeal does it not? As Questionable art I have three categories, ‘The Good’, ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Ugly’ (Ugly it is) … Continue reading

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If a stone gathers no moss, how come bricks can? And if stones can look really ordinary and boring, how come moss-covered bricks can look and smell so cool? You’ll find more questionable art under “The Bad” Questionable art. Website … Continue reading

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