Animal magnetism

fridge magnetsYou bet I’m stuck on you! This threesome remind me of a modern-day three wise monkeys – Fridge magnets  -Whether you like them or not, they’re everywhere. I wonder if anyone has ever thought of doing a fridge magnet census.  Collecting magnets is a hobby, with some collectors specializing in magnets from cities, countries, or local landmarks. There are fridge magnet word packages where you can use sets of magnetised words to put together and make sentences, messages or poetry. This technique reminds me of the ‘fishbowling’ or ‘cut-up’ technique used in poetry. For an example of what I mean, check out my ‘Cut-Ups’ page where I have given an example of my ‘fishbowling’ poetry.

According to Wikipedia, a Russian collector has proposed the term memomagnetics (Russian: мемомагнетика), derived from the words memoriale (Latin) and magnetis (Greek) as being the name for magnet collecting and the collector of magnets would be called a memomagnetist. That reminds me, must go and prune some of those off my fridge door. I’m having difficulties locating where the fridge door handle is.

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“Is It Art?”

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