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The Art of Bishai is a Bit Shy and the Great Sphinx of Giza Holds Secrets as Well

Postcard of the Sphinx by A. Bishai (ca 1958). So far any information regarding the artist for this postcard remains a mystery, unless someone can provide any further information. In which case I would love to hear and then share … Continue reading

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The Heart and Soul of Ghostpatrol

[Above:] Some examples found around Brunswick, Fitzroy, Collingwood and Melbourne CBD areas over a period of time from 2007-2017. Street artist, cartoonist, muralist and general creative artist, David Booth aka Ghostpatrol has travelled the world painting and pasting his art … Continue reading

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Try Your Luck and Maybe Spend a Buck at the Fryerstown Antique Fair

Fryerstown Antique Fair will celebrate its 42nd anniversary in 2017. It is held on the surrounding days of the Australia Day holiday on January 25th each year. The popular annual event has grown from strength to strength each year and … Continue reading

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The dying art of giving and receiving cards

Christmas cards have been a popular form of seasonal greetings of comparatively recent origin. W.C.T Dobson, RA, is usually regarded as having sent the first Christmas card in 1844. Sir Henry Cole and J.C. Horsley produced the first commercial Christmas … Continue reading

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If roses are red… and violets are blue…

So February 14 has come again – St. Valentine’s Day. A day when the price of roses skyrockets in florists around the world and chocolate and candy shops are stripped of their especially wrapped stock! Restaurants and cafes make the … Continue reading

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Ruffling the fur on Hello Kitty

There has been much ‘to do’ this week which is enough to ruffle your fur. In case you haven’t caught up with the latest, it appears that the  “Hello Kitty” cartoon depiction we are all used to seeing, is not … Continue reading

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Happy Winter Solstice

Each hemisphere celebrates its winter solstice  on the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the sun’s daily maximum elevation in the sky is the lowest. The winter solstice itself lasts only a moment in time, so other terms … Continue reading

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Proof that card collecting is linked to rocket science

Card collectors can often get hooked on free promotional collector series cards and this is a clever form for maintaining brand loyalty. As long as you are willing to purchase the product, you will be rewarded – and this is … Continue reading

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Let’s get to the Point

Point to Point is the name of the cover art for this vintage Cruising Menu. It is one of a series of seven racecourse-themed menus designed for the Orient Line by Douglas Annand of Sydney. Point to Point relates to … Continue reading

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Kombi-nation of VW manufacturing & art

This header and entry marks a new page category under “Is It Art?” – VW Art.  I base this on my love of the Kombi/Combi VW van.  In fact we are a family of devotees of this van and friends … Continue reading

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Dinner is served

Originally, menus were offered to consumers who would choose items of food from a chalk-board. In French this was known as “carte”, therefore, food selected via this method is referred to as “à la carte,”  or “according to the board.” … Continue reading

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Look What’s Hatched!

Have you noticed how all the latest crazes around town involve the latest term of “a pop-up”? The more common form of pop-ups involve food or entertainment. Regular townies can be exposed to or come across various pop-up food stalls, … Continue reading

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Reddit – Ferry the Human Frog

From a New Zealand newspaper, The Manawatu Times– June 27th, 1901: we have the story of: Ferry, the Human Frog. Ferry, a contortionist, was also known as “the human frog”. Back in June, 1901, a huge audience assembled at the … Continue reading

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Wonders of the Bush

Papa Ibra Tall – was born in 1935 in Tivavouane (Senegal). In 1955, he  attended the Special School of Architecture and Fine Arts in Paris. He illustrated book covers for “Presence Africaine” for its editor, Alioune Diop, and it was … Continue reading

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Greedy for 3-D

3D cards – using lenticular printing is a technology in which normally flat, static images can convey depth and motion. Lenticular graphics can be described as specialized images which when viewed under certain circumstances will produce 3-D or animated sequences. … Continue reading

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