Reddit – Ferry the Human Frog

ferry-the-human-frogFrom a New Zealand newspaper, The Manawatu Times– June 27th, 1901: we have the story of: Ferry, the Human Frog.
Ferry, a contortionist, was also known as “the human frog”. Back in June, 1901, a huge audience assembled at the Theatre Royal to see a great spectacular on stage – a reincarnation of a swamp. Suddenly a large green frog appeared, coming from the bottom of a pool on the stage. This was Ferry, the human frog. Made up to look like a frog, he imitated different frog movements and  sprang to the top of a tree stump, about 5 ft in height, where he executed some marvellously clever feats while balancing himself on a small piece of wood.

frogs in the pondThe audience was exceedingly appreciative, and Ferry received quite a storm of applause. As a contortionist, his equal has certainly never been seen.   Of course, if he had dived into some liquid, which would set as jelly, we would call him ‘Frogs in pond‘.

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