Cover Art

This is an important category for all music lovers who appreciate the detail and efforts which go into the jacket and sleeve designs of books, records, CDs, etc.  Often trained as graphic artists, some are also amateurs, others combine classic art pieces and combine them with new and refreshing twists. For more information about these covers, click on the image to reveal original post.

 barbarella This cover is from the 1960s classic original soundtrack to Barbarella. The music was by Bob Crewe and the artwork was based on the original sci-fi comic by Jean-Claude Forest. Click here for further information about this soundtrack.
 cream Unfortunately we must say vale to Martin Sharp, a former well-known psychedelic pop artist, who created covers for ’60s bands such as Cream. (See left, his cover for Disraeli Gears). Click here for further information about this artist.
 guy peellaert Beware of the Diamond Dogs! Will they come? David Bowie’s 1974 album Diamond Dogs cover was by Belgian artist Guy Peellaert. Click here for further information about this artist.
 dan pearce - red queen o gryphon 3 - gryphon Red Queen to Gryphon Three” was the name of the prog rock band Gryphon’s 1973 concept album. The cover was by Dan Pearce; but little is known about him. Click here for further information about this artist.
 stacia A certain cover art illustrator known as Barney Bubbles did a variety of colourful covers of L.P. record albums in the 1970s. In particular, he designed some amazing cover work for the acid-Prog-rock band ‘Hawkwind‘. Here we have the artwork for Hawkwind’s Space Ritual live double album fold out sleeve of psychedelic splendour from 1973. Click here for further information about the album.
 Michel Granger oxygene I love 70s electronica music. In particular, I love the first two Jean-Michel Jarre albums, Oxygene and Equinoxe. The artwork for these two albums was by French artist, Michel Granger who was born in Roanne on 13th October, 1946.  It was Granger’s picture that inspired Jarre’s work (Oxygene) Click here for further information about this artist.
 court-crimson-king This magnificent piece, entitled Portrait of 21st Century Schizoid Man, watercolor (1969) was painted by British artist Barry Godber (1946-1970) who created this cover piece for King Crimson’s “In the Court of the Crimson King”. Click here for further information about this artist.
 last-of-the-ski-bums “Splitty goes to the snow!” that’s my version of the title for this illustration, when I look at this album cover design. Does anyone remember the 1969 movie “Last of the Ski Bums“? Click here for further information about this album. I also have a page devoted to VW/Combi art here.
 robert vernon - pampered menial - pavlovs-dog So who remembers the 1975 Pavlov’s Dog album – Pampered Menial?  Pavlov’s Dog was a prog rock (progressive rock) band and the cover was from the artwork of Robert VernonClick here for further information about this artist.

The Big Friend
In 1973 Pete Sinfield, former lyricist of progressive rock band King Crimson, used the painting “Big Friend” on the front cover of his first solo album “Still”. The album cover was from a painting by Sulamith Wülfing. Click here for further information about this artist.
 Joseph Vargo - nox-arcana darklore manor If you like neoclassical darkwave/dark ambient music genre, then you might like the music of Nox Arcana. This American band was formed in 2003 by William Piotrowski and Joseph Vargo (who is also responsible for each album’s artwork). The Image shown here is from their album – Darklore Manor.  For further details, click here.
 gobetween Jenny Watson’s oil on canvas board, “The Go-Between Series” (Lindy, Robert & Grant) commissioned, 1981. (National Portrait Gallery, Canberra). These portraits are also used on the cover of their first album – Send Me a Lullaby. For further information click here.
 tom philips - eno Tom Phillips was born in 1937. A former Royal Academician based in London, he is known for his work as a draughtsman and traditional painter; best known for his portrait commissions. This image, “After Rafael” features on the cover of Brian Eno’s 1975  record album  – “Another Green World. Click here for more.
 circus-of-horrors  “Circus of Horrors” was a 1960 cult British horror film directed by Sidney Hayers. The musical score was provided by Franz Reizenstein and Muir Mathieson. Its signature ‘hit’ song was  “Look For A Star,” which was popular in 1960 and although several versions were released; the greatest success came from Deane Hawley’s version which penetrated the Minnesota market with a modicum of success.  For original Post, click here.

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