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Looks Like the Death of the Library

[Above: Architectural Fragment by Petrus Spronk]. Architectural Fragment (1992) is a Pythagorean triangle which expresses a strong association with the geometry of ancient Greece. The sculpture is made from Port Fairy blue stone and is situated outside the State Library … Continue reading

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Old Spoke – For Oksep Pokes

OKSEP street art may still be found around Melbourne’s streets and lane-ways. His work is extremely dark and somewhat disturbing. He has borrowed upon Wild Man and has re-imagined it with one of his dark and ghostly characters, grasping him … Continue reading

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Maersk | Warning: May Contain Traces of Smart Art

The cargo painting by artist Jeff Smart is called Study for Containers and Silos at Zivorno (1990), oil on board (41 cm x 53 cm). Jeff Smart (Full name: Frank Jeffrey Edson Smart), was born in Adelaide on 26 July 1921. … Continue reading

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Compare the Pair #19 | This is Wild Man

Australian sculptor Ronald “Ron” Mueck (born 1958, in Melbourne) grew up in the family business of puppetry and doll-making. After spending time working in the family industry, Mueck turned to sculpture. He first came to public attention with his sculpture … Continue reading

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Can We Can Do It? | Yes We Can

The Infamous “We Can Do It!” poster which has become a symbol of women’s empowerment has remained popular since its inception in 1942. The original depicts a 17 year old WW2 factory worker who modeled for the poster which was … Continue reading

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Adelaide’s Landmark Car Park | For Member’s Only

[Car Park: Members Only by Matej Andraž Vogrinčič  22m wide and 22m high was created and commissioned for the Telstra Adelaide Festival of Arts in 2000.] This public installation comprises 15,000 Matchbox toy cars stuck to a brick wall close … Continue reading

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Like A Bridge Over Ponded Waters, I Will Lily You Down

  Claude Monet is the original artist of the great masterpiece painting Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lillies (1899) oil on canvas 90 cm x 100 cm (Musee Marmottan Monet, Paris) Born Oscar-Claude Monet in France, on 14 November 1840, Monet … Continue reading

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Underpants in Art? | I’m Just Going to Keep This Brief

Yes, it appears that underwear and underpants can be a feature of art and here are some examples which prove this. Firstly, “The Connoisseur II”  by Peter Corlett, (born in Melbourne, on 16 January 1944) produced an Australian fibre-glass, reinforced … Continue reading

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Crate Works of Art | Very Smart

[Jeff Smart ‘Self-Portrait at Papini’s’ (1984-85) oil & polymer on canvas 85x115cm] Having always enjoyed this work by Smart, I was reminded of it whilst walking past the back-door of a local milk bar. Likewise, when I saw this ‘Random … Continue reading

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Shunga | Spring Pictures

One of the most unabashedly erotic images to ever grace the pages of an art history book came from the woodblock of iconic Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. Widely known for his G-rated, Edo-era prints like The Great Wave at Kanagawa, … Continue reading

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Art or Rubbish? – It’s all Garbage to me

[Above: Uniformity by Emmerson Daniels –  (2017).  Synthetic polymer paint on plywood. Top VCE Art 2017-2018. ] Daniels was a student at Mount Lillydale Mercy College, Lillydale. Uniformity explores the overall similarity and lack of variation evident in everyday life. … Continue reading

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I’ll Put a Girdle Around the Earth

Australian muralist, mosaicist and painter in stained glass and other media, Mervyn Napier Waller was born in Penhurst, Victoria on 19 June 1893. He studied at the National Gallery school in Melbourne and exhibited his first paintings and drawings in … Continue reading

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The Finite Art of Finn Dac Art

Finn Dac (aka Finbarr Notte) is a street artist originally from Cork, Ireland and currently based in London. He concentrates on large scale murals and pieces. He started making street art in 2008 as Finn Dac. Shinoya (blue-image, Melbourne) was … Continue reading

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Eggleston’s Time Capsule Goes Back to the Future

Images featured are from the: Festival of Photography: William Eggleston Portraits. An exhibition of his photographs of family and friends, casual acquaintances and strangers in a series of eloquent, poetic and character studies. Many of the images are from the … Continue reading

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I Just Don’t Understand

A while ago I spotted this daubing on the side of a bridge spanning the A79 highway.  Clearly the original version has been ‘worked upon’ to remove the person’s name, but what I don’t understand is… Why did you stop … Continue reading

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