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French street artist Choq was born in Paris, but has spent much time in Melbourne, Australia during the years from 2012-2019, often preferring to spend time in the Australian summer, to that of a cold European winter.

Choq spent his early years, growing up in the gritty outer suburbs of Paris, the world’s most “romantic” city. With an intimate knowledge of the city’s “dark underbelly”, his street art often reflects what both he and others can often relate to.

Choq’s work subtlety reflects his inner most personal longings, his dreams and his goals. These are all expressed in his trademark cartoon caricatures. His  art explores complex themes, and attempts to offer a satirical critique of the modern world. His work crosses socio-economic values and ties, in an attempt to bring people together as a whole, and forget about superficial differences.

  • Above are some images taken from my ‘archive’ from some years ago, when Choq painted large murals around a public toilet block “dunny” on the corner of Lennox Street and Bridge Road, Richmond; an inner city suburb of Melbourne. The four monochrome images on the toilet walls represent the four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Another is an image of an Australian football player, a game often referred to locally as “Aussie Rules”.

The final image, appeared on a brick wall of an ‘often well-drawn’ side street, off Swan Street, Richmond.

  • You can follow Choq on his Instagram account, to see more recent art.

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