Jean-Pascal Fournier and the Legends of Blood and Light

J P Fournier | Trobar de Morte | Legends of Blood & Light

J P Fournier | Trobar de Morte | Legends of Blood & Light

Freelance artist and illustrator Jean-Pascal Fournier was born near Grenoble, France, in 1972. Since he was a young child, Fournier has been fascinated with comic strips which drew him into his interest in art and drawing. He later studied art and worked in advertising before commencing studies at the Emile Cohl School of art at Lyon in 1992, where he focussed on the art of illustration and figurative/realistic painting. In 1995, Fournier obtained a Diploma in these two domains and in the following year, began to devote himself to illustration. He moved into cover art illustration for some well-established extreme metal labels and bands such as Immortal, Demoniac, Diabolical Masquerade, Yearning or Impaled Nazarene.

In 1999, Fournier turned to freelance artistry for many CD covers for other metal bands including Edguy, Avantasia, Steel Attack, Dragonforce or Powerquest to name but a few. As a classical hard rock and heavy metal lover since he was 25, Fournier has completed more than 100 cover artworks. As well as cover illustration, Fournier has also created band logos  for Cellador, Cryonic Temple, Dragonforce, Elvenking, Forgotten Realm, Intense, Magica, Hurlement to name but a few.

  • Fournier has other passions from mineralogy and paleontology, collecting old manuscripts from 17th to 19th Centuries and claims his greatest influencer in the history of painting, is the Venetian maestro Giambatista Tiepolo.

Image above is from the CD cover artwork from Trobar de Morte’s Legends of Blood and Light (2008). Trobar de Morte is one of my favourite bands hailing from Barcelona, Spain. Their music covers a diverse selection of Medieval, Folk, Faeric, Celtic and Pagan genres. It features the Spanish instrumentalist singer-songwriter Lady Morte, a former member of Ordo Funebris (also worth a listen).

  • For further information on Jean-Pascal Fournier visit his website.

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