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Invaders of a lost art

One of these three invaders is an imposter. So, how can you tell which one is the Invader and which one’s are the imposters? Let’s look at the first of the three. On the left we have an invader (of … Continue reading

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Doork or Dork Art

Street art – often also known as Graffiti (or singular graffito) is an art form whose value is highly contested. The following are some terms you might like to know (if you don’t already): Street art aka post-graffiti is distinguished … Continue reading

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Advanticious weed

I call this advanticious weed. It’s just a weed growing out of a building but it has a certain appeal does it not? As Questionable art I have three categories, ‘The Good’, ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Ugly’ (Ugly it is) … Continue reading

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Gnome Gnapping

Another questionable observation was this particular placement of a gnome. Gnome-gnapping has been happening for many years, and when I went down a quiet city lane looking for street art, I didn’t expect to see Happy, Grumpy or whoever he … Continue reading

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Slaps and Posters

  There’s a huge variety of items that can be covered in paste-up art. This includes posters,wheat-pastes or wheaties, or slap up or slaps. Here’s an example of how quickly you can slap up a piece. Website | About | … Continue reading

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Guerilla Knitting

Yarn bombing and guerrilla knitting can be cool. Our suburb was recently bombed overnight and the outcome is fantastic. There are various forms of bombing. I’ve seen lace around trees, crochet and knitted objects surrounding parking meters and road signs. … Continue reading

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Yarn bombing

  Yarn bombing is becoming very popular. Anything from knitted, crocheted, woolly, cotton, lace, all stitched and attached to street furniture and other novelty ideas. Website | About | Facebook | Twitter “Is It Art?”

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