Doork or Dork Art

Street art – often also known as Graffiti (or singular graffito) is an art form whose value is highly contested. The following are some terms you might like to know (if you don’t already):

front-doorStreet art aka post-graffiti is distinguished from graffiti or vandalism. They are referred to as  “Taggers”. They include those who put tags in indiscriminate places like those found on trains, trucks, doors etc. For further information on this subject, see my Street Art page.

fence pieceA “piece” is a more elaborate representation of the artist’s name, incorporating more stylized letters, usually incorporating a much larger range of colours. A “blockbuster” or roller is a large piece. “Wild style” uses interlocking letters and connecting points. This form is often harder to read by non-graffiti artists as the letters merge into one another in an often undecipherable manner.

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“Is It Art?”

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