As the phoenix rises from the ashes, so does street artist in time

Dali by PhoenixPhoenix the Street Artist uses a mixture of collage paste-ups and wall plaques.  In fact he paid homage to Banksy’s ‘Little Diver Girl‘ which was vandalised and ultimately destroyed by creating ‘The Little Diver Resurfaced‘ – a paste-up restoration.

PhoenixPhoenix has been creating collage art for over 25 years and adorns many of the walls and lanes in Melbourne and Sydney in the form of  paste-ups and solid wallboards, using his trademark double spiral symbol. Many works include the themes of  t-shirts, columns, volcanoes, masked figures, bombs, tools, money, oil drums, and disembodied hands. Themes also range from ecological and political, war and our fragile planet. In the studio he sources images from old books the media and advertising photographs and his own drawings using illustrative and cut-and-paste techniques with a photocopier. He has a flickr site

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