Early Career Recognition

Siamese fighting fishWhat can I say other than ‘I love this’.  To all of us who have seen this, we see this as a Siamese Fighting fish. Perhaps our familiar responses to this visual, are akin to the  Rorschach test (aka the inkblot test), where measured perceptions to visual objects are tested.

Needless to say, the artist of this ‘Siamese fighting fish’ is aged less than three years of age. So my new question is, does age, qualification or experience have anything to do with personal success in the art world?

Oh, and if you are wondering about the ‘cult” of Siamese fighting fish (Latin: Betta Splendens),  a popular species of freshwater aquarium fish), get a copy of  S.E. Hinton’s  novels, in particular, her most famous novel which became a movie starring Mickey Rourke in 1983 –  “Rumble Fish”, ( a Francis Ford Coppola’s  adaptation, which was shot in B&W, except for the scenes where the Siamese fighting fish were shown in colour). Either way, read the book or see the movie, you won’t be disappointed. For more variety, see my Paintings category.

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“Is It Art?”

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