F-Art aka Shite Gallery

If you thought my Rubbish Art page was only fit for the dumpster, this page is only fit for a dump. There is something about toilet humour that makes people, from children to mature adults giggle over. So, with many of my other pages, the items that appear within are not intended to offend, but to merely entertain i.e. to flush them out of the system (or was that cistern?)

 cosco toilet paper wall This is a wall of toilet paper at Costco. It must be a work of art to get to the top row and pull down the desired pack required.  Here’s my original post.
 no-way Supposedly, November 20 is “World Toilet Day“. The concept is to help alleviate sanitation problems and raise money to save lives in poorer worldwide communities. It was approved by the UN General Assembly in 2013 with Water Aid as its major champion. For more information see my original post.

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