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The Spring Cycle

[Above: Spring Cycle by Wen Jun (mixed media) 2013]. This colourful artwork is in the form of a pedicab, which was once commonly used as transport in Chinese cities. Painted in the traditional Spring Festival style, the eight paintings on … Continue reading

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Chloe and The Grasshopper – Two of a Kind

Above Right: “The Grasshopper” (La Cigale) 1872 oil on canvas 186.7 x 123.8cm. This is considered one of Jules Lefebvre’s classic female nudes. It was first exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1872 and was accompanied at the Salon’s exhibition … Continue reading

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The Very Model of a Tudor Village

The Fitzroy Gardens “Model Tudor Village” in Melbourne was modelled in cement by English artist Edgar Wilson, a 77 year old pensioner who lived in Hamilton Road, Norwood, London, England and carried out the task as his hobby. Over a … Continue reading

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The Yoyo diet of Yoyoe Bean

According to her website Josephine Bradley Scott Jo, aka Yoyoe is an eclectic Melbourne based artist working with ink, oil, spray can and body paint media. As a passionate body image activist, she has worked with respected organizations such as … Continue reading

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Christmas in Hosier Lane

This is left over from last Christmas in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane – entitled “I’ll Empty Your Sack.” I chose not to show it last year because I thought it too rude: but I haven’t seen anything Christmas-sy in the street … Continue reading

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From East to West – I’ve Goatcher Covered

Philip W. Goatcher was born on the 23rd November 1851, in London; the son of a scene painter. He left school in his early teens to work as a law clerk at Lincoln’s Inn. In his spare time he would visit … Continue reading

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Am I ever gonna see your face again…

Dimmey‘s the bargain department  store has been a local iconic landmark in Swan Street, Richmond since 1878.  The store was later remodeled with the addition of the famous clock tower in 1910. The clock tower’s popularity was emphasized by local … Continue reading

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A Burg-meister in street art

Burg is a street artist who is well-known around Melbourne and other places. After recent visits to the NSW coastal nirvana of Byron Bay, Burg has had some recent exhibits both there and back in Melbourne. An artist whose passion … Continue reading

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A sacred and safe home for all living creatures

The Fairies Tree is a red gum carving by Ola Cohn, MBE, ARCA which stands in Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens. Born in Bendigo in 1892, Ola excelled in art an early age. She studied at Melbourne’s Swinburne Technical College before winning a … Continue reading

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Compare the pair #11 – The New Wave of Street Art

I saw this modern day replica of Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘Kangawa-oki Namiura’ or Raging Billows off Kanagawa at the rear of Melbourne’s famous Japanese Hanabishi Restaurant which has been owned by Akio Soga since 1988.  The depiction of the tsunami wave, with … Continue reading

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A Black Day for Street Art

A Black Day for Street Art-  or so it seems, according to media write-up, however, there still is an element of alarm with the latest black out on Hosier Lane in Melbourne. This has been a mega street art destination … Continue reading

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Jill Meagher – Reclaim the Night Tribute

Back on October 12, 2012, an unknown street artist plied the walls of Hosier Lane in Melbourne, with heartfelt feelings towards the unfortunate and senseless killing of a young 29 year-old Irish woman, living in Melbourne and working for the … Continue reading

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The Cheesestick the Ribcage and the Condom

From this header, the mind boggles. Sounds like a wild drunken night involving meat, cheese and sex. If that is what you think – you’re wrong. What we are looking at is street furniture or sculpture. All apologies if you … Continue reading

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