The Very Model of a Tudor Village

The Fitzroy Gardens “Model Tudor Village” in Melbourne was modelled in cement by English artist Edgar Wilson, a 77 year old pensioner who lived in Hamilton Road, Norwood, London, England and carried out the task as his hobby.

Over a period of years, Wilson built three villages, including six houses for Vauxhall Park; and a set for Brockwell Park in Lambeth. The other he presented to the City of Melbourne, Australia through the City of Lambeth; in appreciation of Melbourne’s generosity in sending food to Britain, during the WW2 food shortages.

The Tudor Village  in the Fitzroy Gardens was officially opened by the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Councillor Sir Raymond Connelly, on 21st May, 1948.

  • The model buildings represent a typical Kentish village built during the “Tudor” period of English history (1485-1603).
  • The village is composed of various thatched cottages, a village church, school, hotel, barns, stocks, pump, and all public buildings which make up one of the delightful villages.

Also included is a scale model of Shakespeare’s home (featured above) and Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

  • Here’s hoping that you may adore Tudor, as a miniature – to be sure!

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