A Black Day for Street Art

hosier artistA Black Day for Street Art-  or so it seems, according to media write-up, however, there still is an element of alarm with the latest black out on Hosier Lane in Melbourne. This has been a mega street art destination for both artists and appreciators for over 15 years.

A troublesome patch occurred a few months ago when the “junior” section of Routledge lane was painted blue to start over again. This blue-out lasted hours before it was rejigged.  Now Hosier, the major component of the art scene draw card for tourists has been black listed to be re-birthed within 3 weeks by major artists. Can’t wait to see what evolves…

  • Here are  some examples which will be lost as a consequence:

(On the left) Not sure, but I call it the”Magic Carpet Ride“. The one on the right – 3D by nature could be anything from a pair of binoculars, through to boombox. Maybe it’s colourful array has helped disguise its origin. Anyway, it doesn’t matter; it’s all visual art to me!

And regardless of what we think about the art of Hosier Lane,  it’s all going to change and with its new backdrop and artists willing to be the first to mark it- it would appear that – “a black night is a long way from home.” So, hopefully there will be lots of new colour, vibe, creativity and verve. I’ll let you know soon.

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