Am I ever gonna see your face again…

Dimmey's wallDimmey‘s the bargain department  store has been a local iconic landmark in Swan Street, Richmond since 1878.  The store was later remodeled with the addition of the famous clock tower in 1910. The clock tower’s popularity was emphasized by local and non-local fans who ensured that the landmark be protected.

Needless to say it was sold, and many thought it would be scrapped, but sympathy and nostalgia over-ruled.  In its refurbished launch recently, much of the known and iconic external structure has managed to remain. However, the internal fit-out sees a new supermarket and other shop chains and realities occupying the new floor space.

A “Blast From the Past” which has survived is the South Side wall facade of the Dimmey‘s store which was daubed with a magnificent mural which depicted local Melburnian historical and heritage milestones of local greatness. Thankfully this mural has been preserved and is still viewable -in its original intent.

Some examples of excerpts from this mural were covered in the following posts:

Depicted above is a likeness of the band  “The Angels“.  One of their greatest classics hits was the totally anthemic “Am I ever gonna’ see your face again…

and if you know the rest of the verse (and crowd encore) … “Know way, get  F*cked, F*ck off!”

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