The Artistic Skills of Stormie Mills

Street artist Stormie Mills was born in 1969, at Colwyn Bay, a seaside town on the north coast of Wales, overlooking the Irish Sea, in the United Kingdom (UK). These days, Stormie is based in Perth, Western Australia. Stormie’s whimsical characters are represented in galleries and streets around Australia and his private and public commissions light up international streetscapes from Australia to the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Using a monochromatic palette, Stormie creates a sadness which envelopes his figures, showing a sense of human isolation, that people seem to connect with. Many of his characters are poignant memento mori that remind people that death is part of life, as well as each character seemingly carrying a message of hope.

  • Apart from his creative street art, Stormie has also ventured into the world of three dimensional art. He has transformed his iconic ‘Bunnyman’ character into a series of four-metre high ‘pop figurines’ that populated the streets of Queensland’s Brisbane International Arts Festival known as “The Stormie Mills Project.”
  • This same body of work appeared as part of Western Australia’s Perth Fringe Festival; and at the prestigious international ‘Sculptures By The Sea‘ exhibition, where Stormie was awarded the Kids’ Choice Prize as voted by the public. He has also created a 4 metre high bronze representation as part of a public art commission project.

Testament to his success, is the significant expansion of Stormie’s collector base globally and sell out Australian shows in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Visitors to Melbourne can immerse themselves in Stormie’s creative energy when they stay at The Cullen, part of the Art Series Hotel Group, where he was commissioned to create his own ‘Street Art Suite’. He was the first Australian street artist to create a suite sitting alongside international artists.

Stormie has been widely published and has three books documenting his vast body of work. He has exhibited globally and created a strong following for his distinctive work. Stormie has been invited to participate in some of the world’s most prestigious street art festivals and completed countless private and public art commissions. Most recently he was invited to create the first sanctioned street art mural as part of the prestigious Florence Biennale.

  • It’s not just Stormie’s art that has fostered a strong following. His compelling personal story and passion for his art has made him a sought-after speaker.
  • Stormie has presented at the world’s most respected design festival, the AG Ideas conference and was invited by Conference Creator Ken Cato to be one of 25 artists to create an artwork to celebrate the conference’s 25 year history.
  • He was also a guest speaker at the Design Conference in London and headlined the Design Institute of Australia Breakfast. He was also a speaker at FORM’s #PUBLIC Street Art Festival, inaugural Symposium.

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