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When it comes to street art there are many thousands if not millions of street artists plying their art around the walls of cities all around the world. Many become famous for their art, others come and go. Often their work is transient, and mostly never permanent. Some have political references, others venerate the famous and the infamous, some are comical or even a bit risque. Most street artists use a pseudonym and these are sometimes cryptic in clue as to who the identify of the artist really is.

I must admit that I have not had much fun researching the art of Nufevah, in fact, writing this moniker is challenging because the artist sometimes signs with caps NUFEVAH or it can be interpretted as NuFevaH. Perhaps it is pronounced like ‘New Fever’ as opposed to an ‘Old Fever’. However, if you spell it backwards it reads HaveFun!

What I have managed to elucidate is that Nufevah started as a graffiti / street / paste up artist ca 2007 and active around Melbourne art scene since 2010-2014. His work includes his signature head and various characters sometimes with affirmations or emotionals written on or near by.

On NuFevaH’s Facebook page it claims that his hometown is Carlton and current residence as St. Kilda, both inner city Melbourne suburbs and occupation is listed as garbage man.

Apart from this, I give up. I’ve had eNuFevaH!
Let’s HaveFuN!

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“Is It Art?”

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