The Heart and Soul of Ghostpatrol

[Above:] Some examples found around Brunswick, Fitzroy, Collingwood and Melbourne CBD areas over a period of time from 2007-2017.

Street artist, cartoonist, muralist and general creative artist, David Booth aka Ghostpatrol has travelled the world painting and pasting his art using familiar themes of nature and the inner child for his illustrations on buildings and street art murals. Originally from Hobart, Ghostpatrol moved to Melbourne in 2006 and has worked on his art and street art installations since then. In his earlier days he often collaborated with fellow street artist Miso. [See above: B/W wheat-paste on dark green background].

Ghostpatrol uses various media for his street art projects using pasted posters, soft sculpture, watercolours and print-making often referencing childhood nostalgia, pop culture and incorporating works of hybrid animals.

He is sought after by commercial and artistic companies as well as local and international street artists. However, Ghostpatrol insists he is not creating art for profit or fame but purely out of a love for creating; and the single biggest reward – peer recognition.

  • These days, he spends his time creating pen and ink drawings for galleries.
  • His works can be found on large scale walls, gift cards and the National Gallery of Australia collections.

Follow him via Instagram @ghostpatrol or have a look at some of his upcoming events:

  • Investigation Mission @ Melbourne Museum 14-20 January, 2018
  • Adelaide Biennial @Art Gallery of South Australia 3 March – 3 June, 2018

Enjoy! For there’s no self control – when liking a Ghostpatrol!

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