Have these three added to the general plopulation?

plop artSo, here’s the drop on ‘Plop’. ‘Plop Art’ or, as sometimes referred to: ‘Plonk Art’ is a pejorative slang term for public art; which is usually large, abstract, modernist or contemporary (and mostly sculpture) made for Government or Corporate plazas, or spaces in front of office buildings, skyscraper atria, parks, and other public venues. The three plops featured above, (to me), fit the category of plop art, because they look as though they have been “plopped” on that spot,  in total abandonment. According to Wikipedia, the term “Plop Art” was coined by architect James Wines in 1969.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word plop, it reminds me of an early joke I loved to tell everyone. “What goes ha-ha plop?” – A man laughing his head off.

All of this is just word-association, but I guess if you think this form of art installation is acceptable or not.., we should perhaps consider putting it to a “Plopular Vote”…?

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“Is It Art?”

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