Compare the Pair – #4 – 101 inspirations from a wine bladder

wine caskA Wine bladder –  is also known as box wine, boxy, bladder, cask-wine bag,  or goon bag, (coll. for flagon). It refers to  any wine packaged as a bag-in-the-box, or cask wine. Such packages usually contain a plastic bladder protected by an external box casing,  usually made of corrugated fiberboard.  When it comes to box wine, people either love it or leave it – there is a snobbery value added to it. However, it is economical and saves on excess glass packaging. The outward cardboard box can be recycled, however, the plastic bladders, are still largely thrown into landfill.  The photo here, shows  an example of someone using a “wine bladder” as a piece of street art.

IMG_7631However, if you compare this with the next photo; I can only feel that this street furniture artist was inspired by the “wine bladder” when they designed this particular street chair in Australia’s national capital city – Canberra.

Maybe this could be the start of a new competition – “101 uses for a wine bladder”. The challenge is yours, if you wish to accept it.

Meanwhile, where does all of this sit? I think these examples fall into my ‘Questionable Art’ section which has the three categories:  “The Good”, “The Bad” and “The Ugly”, – After deliberating, I have nominated this lot to be part of my “The Ugly”. See more examples of “The Ugly”  here.

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