The Sandy “Berger-meisters”

the bergs1I’ve got to admit, I’ve recently become a convert to sand art. I used to think it was just a spade & bucket summertime beach activity, but now that I have been to some of these ‘Sandy Arts Festivals’, I’m a convert.

All over the world, on some of the greatest international beaches, annual sand sculpture competitions are held. Apparently, the sand used in these exhibitions is not really from the beach. The sculptures use a heavier sand often known as “brickies sand” which is different to beach sand because each grain is square, so it sticks together better. This installation from 2013 is  called “The Bergs”.

To begin each sculpture, the sand is compacted into wooden forms which in turn help create the general shape and size of the individual sculpture.  The featured  “sandy” inspiration on this post was created by Michaela Ciappini, from Portugal. Michaela has been carving sand since 2003 and also carves ice in winter. Michaela completed 5 years of study at the Art Institute studying Decoration and Art at the Academy in Bologna.

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“Is It Art?”

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