How to save money over Christmas

barbies-xmasYes, every year the news is full of how much the average person spends on Christmas, whether it be food, presents or decorations. Here’s a handy hint on saving on Christmas decorations and re-using your resources in new and creative ways.

I spied in a front garden a hand-made version of a Christmas tree resplendent with tinsel and angel on top.

  • With the off ends of an old timber fence or similar palings or timber off-cuts, you can place them in a certain fashion, so that you can slowly build a tier to represent a tree.
  • Keeping in mind to keep the larger pieces of timber for the bottom and the smaller at the top.
  • Also note, using pieces with the season’s festive colours of red and green add to the overall WOW factor.
  • Why use baubles and lights, when you can add REAL pine cones? but gold tinsel is OK so long as it has been re-used from previous years.
  • Christmas Trees are often adorned with a star or angel on top. In this case, Barbie is doing her job with her sleek body and long blond hair waving in the breeze as she salutes the passers-by.

I like it. No cost and all recycle! even if it is made out of what people would consider rubbish. So never forget “What one person considers rubbish, another considers it as treasure”.

  • Therefore it falls under my category of Rubbish Art, not necessarily because it is rubbish but a piece of art which has been created out of rubbish.

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