A bit of last minute Christmas shopping

Love and Time with reverence use,
Treat them like a parting friend;
Nor the golden gifts refuse
Which in youth sincere they send:
For each year their piece is more,
And less simple than before.

– John Dryden

harold piffard - christmas shoppingAbove image is “Christmas Shopping” by Harold Piffard (1895-1899).

Of course these days, you need not leave the comfort of your abode. You can do all of your Christmas shopping online and get it all delivered to your door, thus you will not need to don your gloves and bonnet to venture into the cold snow!

P.S. I saw a wonderful sign in a shop the other day. “When I get tired from shopping, I like to sit and try on shoes” –  Now that’s what I call shopping.

harold piffard - girl with a butterfly

“Love, as told by the seers of old,
Comes as a butterfly tipped with gold,
Flutters and flies in sunlit skies,
Weaving round hearts that were one time cold”. (Algernon Swinburne)

This image “Girl with a Butterfly” is also by Piffard. If you would like to know more about this artist, see my earlier post.


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