Do You Like These Posts?

If there are leggings and jeggings, what do we call guerilla knitting covers for tree trunks and posts – treggings and peggings?

Anyway, I thought I would put together a collection of festive stockings which have been created to cover the trunks and posts in Melbourne.  Normally they are on display near Swanston Street’s City Square, but due to train station upgrades, there are some on display in the Bourke Street Mall near the Myer Christmas Window display which is always a crowd-pleaser.

Not sure if these are still made by yarn-bombing group Yarn Corner, but this year’s offerings have little tags hanging off them stating ‘Approval for installation provided by City of Melbourne Urban Forest and Ecology Team‘.

If you have a bit of time spare, you can always get out your knitting needles or crochet hook and help cover the town – one stitch at a time.

Season’s Greetings, I hope you like these Christmas posts!

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“Is It Art?”

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