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French sculptor Jean-Baptiste Tuby was born in Rome in 1635 and died in Paris in 1900.  Tuby served Louis XIV of France and was regarded as one of the premier court sculptors of his time.

His art is remarkable for its extraordinary precision of symmetry and three-dimensional volume; its explosively animated forms; and for a delicate sense of embellishment and  humour.

  • Tuby is most renowned for the magnificent bronze centerpiece of the Fountain of Apollo (see above) planned and built by André Le Nôtre for the West Gardens of the Palace of Versailles. He also created remarkably nuanced life-size bronzes for Versaille’s Parterre d’Eau, representing several great rivers of France (the Saon and the Rhone).
  • His white marble urn is arguably the finest decorative urn at Versailles, Le Vase de la Paix, a monumental 2.5 metre tall piece that adorns the South corner of the stairs immediately below the west façade of the palace containing the Hall of Mirrors.

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