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Australian artist David Frazer was born in 1966 in Foster, Victoria. He graduated from Phillip Institute of Technology with a BA Fine Arts (Painting) 1984-1986. This was followed by a Diploma of Education (Secondary Art/Craft) Latrobe University (1991);  Honours Degree in Fine Art (Print and Printmaking), Monash University (1996); and an MA Visual Arts by Research, Monash University (1998-2000).

Frazer presents strong narratives in his art. His intricately detailed wood engravings, etchings and lithographs show great command for a range of printmaking techniques. His work explores a sense of place and the emotions of longing. This is evident in the nostalgia and isolation that can accompany his art, such as the universal yearning to be ‘somewhere else’ a common thread for Frazer’s work which often combines a gentle sense of whimsy and humour.

  • David Frazer has held over 40 solo exhibitions in Australia, London and China. To find out more, visit David Frazer’s site.

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