The Finite Art of Finn Dac Art

Finn Dac (aka Finbarr Notte) is a street artist originally from Cork, Ireland and currently based in London. He concentrates on large scale murals and pieces. He started making street art in 2008 as Finn Dac.

  • Shinoya (blue-image, Melbourne) was three days in the making and featured one of his signature bad-ass tattooed ladies based on his muse, Erin Fitzgerald.
  • Shinka (yellow-image Adelaide) was commissioned over four days as part of the Little Rundle Street Project in Kent Town and featured one of his muses, Meghan Lall.

Finn Dac’s use of  beautiful women in his murals are a modern interpretation on the 19th C art movement known as ‘The Aesthetics’. In similarity, he believes that art should not be political or social, but replicate the embellishment of mundane life. Therefore, the purpose of art should bring beauty to the world.

  • Hence, he references Urban Aesthetics, which combines both urban stencil art and traditional portraiture to create his art works.

Finn Dac art = Fine art!

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“Is It Art?”

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