These Tins Really Take the Biscuit!

Biscuit Tin CollectionFrom Melbourne Open House -“Cabinets of Wonder” ephemera collection at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria. entitled – ”The Welcome Guest”.

These biscuit tins belong to the personal collection of “TG” [Occupation: Driver]. In reference to his collection, TG says: “I got interested in collecting biscuit tins, packaging and signs for a few reasons. My mum, my girlfriend (1970-1973), her mum and two of her aunties worked at Guests [biscuit factory] in West Melbourne. My uncle worked at Brockhoff’s in West Melbourne. My interest also came from the 1960s when I noticed a ‘stars ‘n stripes’ wrapper on Guest’s USA cream biscuits. It also featured the Guest Bell Boy, known as The Welcome Guest. Guests are a favourite collecting area but I have also expanded my interest on biscuits to confectionery”.

  • He may be crackers – but his collection isn’t crumby – in fact I think it’s very Nice

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