The Village Life of Hendra Gunawan

Hendra Gunawan was an Indonesian artist, poet, sculptor and guerilla fighter who was born in Bandung, the capital of West Java, (former Dutch East Indies), on June 11, 1918 and died in Bali on July 17, 1983.

  • Gunawan was best known for his combining of Western painting techniques and traditional Indonesian aesthetics.
  • His oeuvre spans a vast array of subjects including (but not limited to): fishermen, fish, water buffaloes, nude women, masked men, guerrilla fighters and abstract forms.
  • Gunawan fought against the Dutch colonial rule as a guerilla fighter; and later as an activist against the ruling government; for which he was incarcerated from 1965–1978.
  • It was during this period that he continued to paint, creating works on small scraps of rough canvas made available to him.

Today, his work can be found in the Neka Art Museum in Bali, the Singapore Art Museum; and the Ciputra Sundagese Heritage Museum in Jakarta name but a few.

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