For Cleopatra … I may be waxing lyrical

waxworksI remember as a very young child going to see the Kings Cross Wax Works  at the Village Centre, Kings Cross, Sydney. The Village Centre, which is long gone, was between Springfield Plaza and Llankelly Place.  The Waxworks museum, although small by international comparisons, contained pertinent, controversial and frightening (e.g. Chamber of Horrors) attractions which entertained all until it closed in 1986, and its neighboring precinct waned in parallel with the declining fortunes of Kings Cross –  such were the subject of the time. However, this area seems to be waxing once more, but its days of the waxwork glory will shine no more.

So, out of my archives comes this picture of Cleopatra – Queen of Egypt who was immortalized in wax, with the image which is supposed to represent her likeness at the age of 17. At the time, she was ruling jointly with her 12 year old brother whom she later killed. Cleopatra’s other great ‘fames’ or ‘flames’ include her relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony. Despite her predicament and various option, she chose to end her life by killing herself by a poisoned asp; perhaps in preference by death by others.

  • And as for the death by snake…’the rest is hiss-tory’.
  • Nevertheless, I guess she was ‘Asp-in’ for it’.

If you think this subject reflects elements of ‘darkness’ (e.g. waxworks) you can view other items on my Dark Art page.

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