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Be happy with what you have and appreciate the smaller things in life

The Fisherman and the Goldfish by A. Pushkin is a classic children’s story translated from the Russian by L. Zelikov and illustrated by B. Dekhtertov. It was printed and republished in 1958 by the Union of the Soviet Republic as … Continue reading

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Magpie Magpie

Magpie, Magpie! (Translated from the Russian Folk Rhyme) is a story by Irina Zheleznova and illustrated by Y. Vasnetsov. I cannot find anything about the illustrator but the pictures are fantastic. The story goes: “Magpie Magpie tell me, pray where have … Continue reading

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Little Cock Feather Frock

Little Cock Feather Frock is a Russian folk tale for children, adopted by A.N. Tolstoi. The version I am referring to is translated from the Russian language by Eugene Felgenhauer and illustrated by E. Rachev, from the Soviet Children’s Library printed … Continue reading

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